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Sambo Coach Ruslan Gafurov

rus Russia

Professional and decorated lifelong SAMBO (Soviet and Post-Soviet self-defense system) enthusiast who defended many international and regional titles. Holder of internationally-recognized certification with official Army training. Taught and facilitated self-defense training in the Army. Entrepreneurial, hard-working, efficient, and motivated. Self-driven to educate myself and excel in all activities I pursue. Excellent communicator with a successful track record in time management, teaching, training, and organization.


  • Experienced trainer in physical education and multiple forms of martial arts
  • Multilingual professional (English, Russian, Farsi)
  • Strong sports science (biomechanics and kinesiology) background and ability to incorporate the concepts into successful training programs
  • Leader by example. Ensure effective communication
  • Provide goal-oriented and focus-driven training
  • Army veteran


  • USSR SAMBO Championship among Juniors (1989)
  • Two-Time USSR Sambo Championship among Juniors (1990)
  • Two-time World Student Sambo Championship (1990)
  • USSR Sambo Championship (1991)
  • Three-Time Sambo Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR (1991)
  • Two-Time Combat Sambo Championship of Eurasia (1995)
  • Awarded Master of Sports in Combat Sambo due to performance demonstrations for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, special forces of the GRU (main intelligence directorate), Marines and the FSB
  • Wrestling instructor at Fight Club Sparta in Krasnodar (2010-2017)



  • Master of Sports in Sambo (Official)
  • Organizer of multiple international Sambo camps
  • Coaching of athletes on overseas tours
  • Organizing, training and otherwise preparing National Team for upcoming international competition
  • Master of strength and agility training
  • Understanding of both adult and child psychology and methods of motivation, influence, and skill transfer



  • Children’s Sports and Youth Sport School (1985-1995)
  • Higher Military Technical Command School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (1998-2002)
  • Kuban State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism (2008-2013)



  • Certificate World Combat Sambo Federation