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Coach Abdussamet Arslan

tur Turkey
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I met the fencing sport in 2004. I was a fencing athlete for 7 years and represented my country by taking part in national teams between 2009-2011. After I had to finish my career as an athlete in early age, I decided to be a fencing referee and stay in the fencing world. In 2014, I successfully passed the international refereeing exam organized by International Fencing Federation (FIE) in Jerusalem and became the youngest international fencing referee for Turkey of all time. In 2017, I have been invited to the ‘FIE Master List’ which the best fencing referees all around the world are accepted and the referees who will take part in the most prestigious competitions are determined. Subsequently, I worked as a referee in competitions held in various countries, especially in World Championships, European Championships, Grand Prix, and World Cup competitions.

In 2015 I was elected to the Turkish Fencing Federation’s Refereeing Commission as a member of the decision of the Turkish Fencing Federation Executive Committee. Since then, I educated hundreds of referee candidates in more than 20 referee education seminars organized by our Federation in various provinces. I have also served in many domestic competitions as a competition and referee observer.

Also in 2015, I earned my 2nd level coaching certificate and in 2017 I started coaching part-time. After 2 years of part-time coaching, we decided to open a fencing club in Ankara/Turkey with my friends from the national team. Since then I am actively working as a coach and trying to raise honest, respectful, creative, and successful individuals.