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Sambo is often referred to as self-defense without weapons. It is a well-balanced system for self-defense and combat; a form of martial arts that implements both sports and combat applications. Sambo holds a special place among many forms of martial arts practiced all throughout the world. Sambo seamlessly incorporates its own technique into its very own arsenal. Sambo focuses more on self-defense rather than attack, helps in shaping a stronger character, shapes a determined and robust personality, improves and maintains stamina and endurance, it is an educational system that encourages volitional qualities, it contributes to self-discipline, and similar qualities that benefit ones life in positive ways. Sambo enriches ones life experience.

About the Sport

  • S.A.M.B.O stands for (in Russian) Self Defense Without Weapons
  • Niche/boutique sport in the US (very few real Champion trainers)
  • Highly inclusive and very effective self-defense system combining elements from many cultures around Asia, Europe and Americas (BJJ, Judo, Sumo, different schools of wrestling, boxing, and more).
  • While the goal and philosophy of SAMBO is to never need to use it, the skills are extremely effective in situations where self-defense is unavoidable.
  • More than just a defense system
  • Philosophy of SAMBO stresses development of discipline, strong morals, character, courage, respect, as well as develops real-life skills of decision-making, goal setting, and many more.The goal is to help practitioners develop skills transferrable to everyday life and to build individuals strong both physically and mentally

Ruslan Gafurov


Lifelong SAMBO enthusiast and decorated professional

  • Titles
  • Certifications
  • Formal training

Army Veteran

  • Possesses hands-on combat-tested adult training experience
  • Taught many children’s groups
  • Understands adult and children psychology and methods of motivation, influence, and skill-transfer

Multi-faceted sport professional

  • Yoga instructor
  • Possesses extensive understanding of body physics and dynamics

–Master of strength and agility training

Sambo/Self-Defense Class Work Description:

  • Learning the safety rules and sanitary skills necessary for the class.
  • Focusing is on developing simple motor skills (walking, running, jumping), simple acrobatic elements and safe fall techniques.
  • Learning safe-fall techniques (self-guarding) and simple acrobatic elements.
  • Learning different maneuvers from the arsenal of sports Sambo and the specific techniques of self-defense.
  • If weather permits, the classes are held outdoors. Workouts include outdoor sports
    and relay races.

SAMBO for Kids

  • Great way to get into a sport
    • FUN full body (strength and agility) work out for early age development
    • Building lifelong activity habits
    • Great way to learn body dynamics early
  • Perfect way to make friends and socialize
    • It is a proven fact that children (and adults) make better connections faster in a shared-goal environment
    • Better social skills are a self-esteem and confidence boost as well as a real-life skill
  • EQ and decision-making skill builder
    • Early understanding of and owning one’s emotions in the moment is crucial
    • Decision-making in a split second on the mat translates into a real-life skill

SAMBO for Adults

  • Better alternative to the old gym
    • More fun = higher participation
    • Fast and effective full body workout = strength and agility
    • Mental strength and EQ development = better decision-making ability under pressure and owning of one’s emotions
  • Comradery builder
    • Great way to assimilate new hires
    • Cross-functional, intra-department relationship building
    • Potential for competition

SAMBO for Employer

  • Cost Reduction
    • Physical activity = lower group health insurance costs
    • Unique benefit = lower employee turnover (lower talent acquisition costs)
    • Lower cost (and more boutique experience) than individual gym membership reimbursement
  • Better Employee Experience
    • New hires assimilate better through group environment
    • Stress relief = higher production and loyalty
    • Possibility of Women only or specific employee group only assignments
  • Higher Employee Loyalty
    • Unique benefit unavailable elsewhere can be a loyalty driver
    • Better work relationships acquired through shared activity and goals is a proven loyalty booster